Sunday, March 7, 2010

Moving on to Puffs!

Quinn who is 8 1/2 months old, already is on the move. Although he has not started crawling yet he has been standing for awhile. He actually LOVES to stand and walk with support. It's one of his favorite activities. Mike recently bought a big blue ball that is also one of his favorites. We are teaching him how to kick it and he is actually getting really good at it. He will start to squeel when we bring it out! We have a future soccer player here!

He is also very particular with food. It has been funny to try new foods, just to find out that he really doesn't like anything but vegetables. He is the king of sweet potatoes. What kid doesn't like fruit? His two bottom teeth are really starting to come through. He now loves to bite everything in arms reach. He loves the Biter Biscuits (they are all over his face and hair in this picture), so we tried the Gerber "Puffs" this week. Of course, they are sweet potato flavored and he is a huge fan.. shocker.

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  1. Ah! Such a cutie!!! Jessica- you must turn this blog into a book at the end of the year- I did it with both of my blogs- and my family one is a wonderful keepsake- it's why I find myself blogging every precious moment! I also love that I have video of Zach's first steps- Sean's first experience with food... etc! Yeah for blogging!!!! Hugs-