Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Clarkston's Littlest Picketer

I have been a teacher in Clarkston for 11 years. It is crazy to think that I have been teaching that long, and teaching in the same building. At least I have managed to change rooms! I love my job, my students and most of all my fellow colleagues. The people I work with are awesome and it definately would not be the same without them. We as a staff have taken concessions in salary and insurance over the past 5 years or so to help save the district during these hard financial times. Unfortunately they have continued to spend at a rapid rate and have now found themselves in a situation where they are going to have to make some serious cuts. This is so sad because they are threatening to privatize custodial and transportation services. Because both of these (among other programs and people on the cut list) would be a huge devastation to our staff and students, the unions stepped in and rallied. The CEA organized an "informational tailgate" at Monday night's board meeting. We wore our crisis orange shirts and held picket signs as community members drove in to attend the meeting. Because my parents were still out of town and Mike was working, Quinn had to take part in the festivities. It was an awesome sight as over 300 employees showed up to support our custodians and bus drivers.

Quinn and I walked the "picket line" and waved as supportive parents and students drove in and honked. I have to say, he was the hit of the "tailgate" as we used an extra CEA t-shirt as his blanket. He loved looking at everyone's signs and at all of the different faces. He was so good and had lots of smiles for all of the CEA and ESP members! I do hope (regardless of his future political beliefs) that Quinn is an educated, informed and conscious voter and stands up for what he believes is right. I just hope we don't have a mini "Alex P. Keaton" on our hands!


  1. I love that you have joined the world of blogging!!!!! Welcome! These are very hard times in education right now. I'm a bit frightened to see what next year will bring....

  2. I love that you are blogging too Jessica!!! How did I not know this and missed the first few blogs!!! I hear what you are saying loud and clear- Jeff says his job in Clarkston is safe for next year- but he's unsure of the following school year... I'm with you- having 12 years in at least we're safe- but it's scary! I've got a similar shirt- though we've got lovely bright green! I've become a 'follower' and can't wait to read more!!!!